About Osy

Osy Osmosis is a fun game for all ages where you must help Osy stay safe as she navigates through her world collecting stars. Using your finger, tap in the direction you want Osy to move, but be careful, as you progress, more dangers will present themselves. To help Osy, you will use osmosis to keep her in balance with the world around her.

Osy was developed by a group of researchers, educators, and developers at the University of Georgia (UGA), with support from the National Institute of Health (NIH) Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA), The Georgia Research Alliance VentureLab, and UGA. Cogent Education was formed by members of this group to design and develop future education simulations and games. All profits from Osy will go towards the creation of other educational games and interactive software.

Osy Development Team:

  • Jared Jackson – Project Lead, Lead Artist, Designer, Programmer
  • Stephen Borden – Lead Programmer, Designer
  • Casey O’Donnell – Level Design, Programming, Music, Level Building
  • Zane Everett – Programming
  • B.J. Wimpey – Programming
  • Victoria Costilla – Voice Acting

Executive Producers:

  • Tom Robertson Ph.D – CEO, Physiology Expert
  • Jim Moore Ph.D – President, Biology Expert
  • Steve Oliver Ph.D – Content Expert
  • Georgia Hodges Ph.D – Content Expert

Game Industry Consultant: